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Quick Commerce

If you receive any of these errors:
  1. Invalid Referrer Or Relay Response URL.
  2. This transaction cannot be accepted.

You will need to:
  1. Log into your shopping cart account,
  2. Go to "Cart Settings".
  3. Verify that all information in step #4, "Payment/Gateway Settings", is accurate, including your Quick Commerce Login ID and Trans Key.
    1. Log into,
    2. Click on "Settings",
    3. Click on "API Login ID and Transaction Key "
    4. Use the "API Login ID" for the "Login ID" in the shopping cart.
    5. Create a new transaction key and copy that into the shopping cart.

You may also need to verify this setting inside Quick Commerce:
  1. Log into,
  2. Click on "Settings",
  3. Click on "Test Mode",
  4. Make sure that you are in "LIVE MODE".

If your still having problems. Try adding this to your Quick Commerce settings.
  1. Log into,
  2. Click on "Settings",
  3. Click on "Silent Post URL".
    This will allow you to add
    to your list of URL's that can post to your account.

Call Quick Commerce 877-447-3938 support for additional help.

Be sure to test your cart after making changes.
Credit card test numbers

Note: Merchants created in 2005 or earlier may be able to enter an Quick Commerce password instead of a Trans Key. Quick Commerce recommends you use the Trans Key. If you are currently set to use the Password, please change to a Trans Key before contacting support.
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