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QuickBooks error message: 3140 - There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks InvoiceLineItem SalesTaxCode "NON" in the Invoice line.

There three different things that can cause this error message in QuickBooks.

First is if "NON" doesn't exist as a valid sales tax code. You can double check this by:
  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Choose "Lists" from the menu at the very top
  3. Choose "Sales Tax Code List"
  4. Verify that "NON" exists in your list
  5. If it doesn't exist then create a new entry and set it to "Non-Taxable"

Second is if one of your part numbers was setup improperly. Proper QuickBooks Item Types are "Service", "Inventory Part", "Non-inventory Part", or "Other Charge". If you see a product using any other type then that is what is causing this error message. To check your items:
  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Choose "Lists" from the menu at the very top
  3. Choose "Item List"
  4. Review each item, including the shipping and tax items if they exist
  5. If you find any items that have invalid QuickBooks Item Types then simply do one of the following
    1. Rename your item to something else and our shopping cart will automatically re-create the item on the next import.
    2. Rename your item and recreate it yourself using one of the approved QuickBooks Item Types

Note: "Shipping Charges" and "XX Sales Tax" (XX is your 2 digit state code) are special products that the shopping cart uses when sending orders to QuickBooks. Make sure to check those products as well.

Third is if your default sales tax code conflicts with our Invoice tax line. You correct this by:
  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Choose "Edit" from the menu at the very top
  3. Choose "Preferences"
  4. Choose "Sales Tax" from the left
  5. Choose the "Company Preferences" tab
  6. Choose some other tax type, note you may need to create a new one.
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